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So...you owe a lot of money in taxes - now what?

It’s scary to receive a letter from the IRS and having them show up on your doorstep is even worse. When the IRS is making demands that are impossible for you to meet it can leave you feeling restless, tossing and turning at night thinking:

  • How am I going to pay all this back?
  • I can’t possibly owe this much!
  • Is this really my only option? There’s got to be a tax payment plan or something?
  • If I just ignore it, it will go away, right? The IRS has way more serious cases to deal with than mine.
  • Isn’t there someone who can help me figure all this out?


You have options that the IRS isn’t spelling out to you.

Costello Tax Resolution will help you get the tax relief services you need.
Justin Costello from Costello Tax Resolution.

“You deserve an advocate who knows the ins and outs of how the IRS operates. A former IRS Revenue Officer, I am now an Enrolled Agent (EA) and a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist helping taxpayers find a solution to tax problems on terms that work for them.” – Justin Costello, founder of Costello Tax Resolution

You deserve to pay down your tax debt on your own terms

I understand how complicated the tax system is and how easy it is to make a mistake that can have the IRS making demands you can’t meet.

Truth is, the IRS doesn’t tell you there are options available to resolve your tax problems. I spent the first 15 years of my career as an IRS Revenue Officer, so I know the system inside and out. I left the IRS to start Costello Tax Resolution so I could use my expertise to help people like you find the best possible solution for your situation.

It’s scary thinking about dealing with the IRS on your own. My services keep you free from having to meet or speak with them – I deal with them on your behalf.

The sooner we begin working together, the better your tax resolution options will be.

How the Process Works

1. Schedule a free consultation

During your confidential consultation I'll ask some basic questions, review your case and present you with potential options.

2. Get a plan that works for you

I work directly with the IRS on your behalf to satisfy the IRS's demands and get you the best possible outcome.

3. Get back to enjoying life

When you have a plan for resolving the money you owe, your restlessness will melt away and you can enjoy life again.

Wave goodbye to your tax issues permanently

Just what I needed

"My tax debt has always caused anxiety and embarrassment. Justin made me feel totally understood and comfortable….he even gave me referrals to other small business experts to help keep me on track. Working with Justin Costello is just what I needed..." ~Autumn F

The best solution

"Justin Costello took the time to listen to my tax situation. He took great care in finding the best possible solution for me… I believe his experience working with the IRS enabled him to bring my tax problems to a successful resolution…I highly recommend Justin’s services." ~Jeremy B.

Put my mind at ease

"I had no idea how to even begin moving forward with my tax problems... Fortunately, Justin knew the right questions to ask and walked me through exactly what I needed to do...That first meeting really did put my mind at ease. I'm glad I called. " ~Don T.

Waiting until it's too late is an easy way to lose everything...

Your unpaid taxes don’t just go away, they require action if you want to avoid penalties and additional fees. Once I know what we’re up against, I do the work of identifying your best solution. I will then talk to and negotiate with the IRS, so you don’t have to.

Here are some of the tax issues I resolve for you:

One of the most common ways to find some relief from your tax debt is to create a tax payment plan and pay it back in monthly installments, rather than all at once. Payment penalties can still occur and repayments typically have a deadline.

Liens and levies can have a devastating impact on your life. Liens are used to seize assets, whereas levies are used to take your income. If you own it, the IRS has the authority to take it.

An OIC agreement allows you to settle with the IRS or state tax authorities for a fraction of what you owe.

Forgetting to pay or to file your taxes can have significant repercussions. Even if you have legitimate reasons for missing the tax deadline, the IRS may still impose tax penalties until you pay your tax bill in full. Penalty abatement programs exist and allow you to avoid paying fines for not submitting your taxes, not paying them on time or for making an error. You can only get one respite and it has to be for the tax year you’re filing for.

The IRS has the authority to seize virtually any asset you own, including your home, vehicles, retirement accounts, and more.

A wage garnishment occurs when a creditor orders your employer to seize money from your paycheck. Your employer will then be forced to give the withheld portion of your salary to whom you owe the money.

If the IRS suspects that you are neglecting to pay payroll taxes, you are at risk of steep fines, interest rates, and even criminal charges. Unpaid payroll taxes could result in the loss of your business and your freedom.

7 secrets the IRS does not want you to know

I wrote this quick guide to help tax payers understand what you CAN do to settle your tax debt. These are the secrets I learned while being an IRS Revenue Officer – the things the IRS doesn’t tell you about. You DO have options for paying back your tax debt on your own terms. Get the 7 secrets!

Seven secrets to paying back your tax debt without the stress.